Friday, May 28, 2010

Rollerskates and a Dollar

Ryan and I have found a new love

Really. We have become obsessed with this place. I'm not sure how our obsession started--maybe it was the old style drive-in vintage feel. Could it have been the roller skates that the employees are required to wear? Or maybe it's the dollar menu...All I know is that we love the $1 slushies. Ryan has tried an assortment of flavors: lime, cherry, watermelon, strawberry. And who can forget the strawberry cream slushes? Yum. It's a great cheap treat that may have replaced our gourmet cupcake addiction.

And today for my break from work, I branched out and got real food. Chicken tenders and fries, and it came with country gravy. Delicious.

But really, who can knock watching employees in skates balance trays of food and slushes, dodging kids, while you're making bets if anything is going to fall or not?
"That fry is definetly a goner."
Who needs TV these days?

 Sonic isn't the only restaurant I've fallen in love with lately.

I have been complaining to Ryan lately about how Utah doesn't really have good Mexican food.
And then I made a new discovery.
Joe Vera's
My new favorite Mexican restaurant in Utah.
I wish I could go there again, but unfortunetly it doesn't have a dollar menu (or skates)

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Simple Solution

Summer is lost. I don't know where it went, but I think I am going to find it.

This morning I woke up to Ryan screaming, "What the HECK!" quite loudly. I sat straight up, my mind racing with all the possibilities that could warrant such a reaction. Maybe Lily got into the food cabinet, and there was strewn chips all over the place...or did he see a giant spider. Maybe all the lightbulbs exploded simultaneously. That's a good guess. But no. It was worse. He came running in and said two words that made me burrow deeper into my mass of warm, toasty blankets.

"It snowed!"

Really? On May 24th? Really?

He then proceeded to pull the blinds to show me. Really.
Sure enough there was white fluffy stuff stuck on cars, sidewalks, grass.

Where is my warm summer? The one where I can go to the pool, take a walk outside without a coat, eat snow cones and otter pops? I think I am going to find it.

A simple summer solution: Crank up the heat to 80 degrees, fill the tub with water, get out my dusty swimsuit, lather on the sun tan lotion, and read a good book as I sip on a smoothie and pet my cat in my makeshift paradise. Oh, and the sand? I should probably leave the kitty litter out of this.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I have been a blacker (blog slacker) for the month of May. Really.
To make up for it, here is a list of things I have been up to lately.

1. Moving: Yes. We have successfully moved into our new home. With the help of my mom, it only took 2 days, a Uhaul, and a very sore back for Ryan. And it has reminded me of my hate for moving.

2. Working: Everyday...weird hours, as usual!

3. Becoming friends with my dentist: I saw my dentist 3 times in one week. I think that is a new record. My dentist and I are now on a first name basis. He calls me Julie, and I call him...Doctor. He successfully filled in 3 of my cavities, made my whole face completely numb, has given me at least 2 nightmares about having a huge, puffy, toothless face, and told me that although it will be hard, not to come back the next day, but in 6 months.

4. Cleaning: Somehow my house is a mess. It must be the cat. She loves to put empty cans of coke or empty pizza boxes next to my husband in order to frame him for the mess.What a mean cat. And cleaning with all the cleaning supplies still packed is quite the adventure.

5. Watching Ryan study Organic Chemistry: This is an everyday, 24/7 occurrence. Ryan has been spending more time with his OChem book than he has with me. I try not to get jealous, but it's hard when he is having so much fun without me.

One thing's for sure, I am excited for summer weather! Not this rainy, cold stuff we've been getting lately. Sitting by the pool, vacationing, and more. Maybe I'll dream about that tonight instead of dental instruments.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Note to Self

The next time we move, put phone chargers in a safe place, so both of our phones won't die.
Oh, and Ryan's iPod touch too.

This is very important...