Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Crazy Weather

I got 4 texts in a row today. It was for a severe weather warning about a blizzard that will "far surpass anything we have had in the past couple years". Stores are closing early and classes are cancelled. Did I mention this was for UTAH? Wow, this storm must be pretty bad.

KSL said the last time they issued a blizzard warning like this was in 2001.

(Weather outside our window: 1:59 pm--Currently the temperature is 45 degrees outside, with rare patches of snow on the ground. Mysterious disappearance of animals except for the mouse in our garage.)

(Weather outside our window update: 6:31 pm--It is pitch black outside. Still no sign of anything white.)

(Weather outside our window update: 1:25 am--It snowed. Finally. But only for an hour and it barely stuck. What a scary blizzard!)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fat Mouse in a Little Garage

I was doing a graveyard at work one night, and at 4 in the morning, I received this email:

We have a mouse in the garage

10 minutes later, this little gem also appeared in my inbox:

Me and kitty are going to go mouse hunting in the garage.

Wooowie. A mouse? Really? What is a furry little rodent doing in my garage? When I arrived home, the mouse was still hiding and yet to be caught.  Ryan described it for me. "It was about the size of my fist! And it's really fast!" That's when I switched my mindset. Instead of picturing 

Jerry (from Tom and Jerry)

I started picturing


This thing has got to die! At first, we tried to send Lily out there to eat it, but when she was little we trained her to be afraid of the garage so she wouldn't escape. When she set one foot out there, she sniffed the air and immediately scratched at the door to get back in. No good. So Ryan bought two different kinds of mouse traps. I felt a little bad about killing the poor thing....but not really. Ryan bravely set up the traps and filled them with peanut butter and waited. And waited...aaand waited. A week later (after we finally gave up and decided the mouse escaped), we noticed something peculiar. The mouse trap was still set, but the peanut butter was gone!

"I don't understand," Ryan would say scratching his head. "Where did it go?"

We tried again...with the same result. Disappearing peanut butter. What would be able to eat the peanut butter, without tripping the trap? We considered the possibilty of bugs...but we'd never seen any signs of them.

The third time we tried cheese. Third times a charm, right? Wrong! Within 24 hours, the cheese was gone and there was no sign of Mousezilla. Ryan was not a happy camper.

"This has got to be either the luckiet or smartest mouse in the world! SUPER MOUSE!"

Okay, so I know what you are thinking. Our mouse has had 3 different identities and is now having a complete identity crisis, but at least it is well-fed and has evaded death 3 times.

We will be sure to keep you updated on our future mousecapades. And hopefully the next time I update, it will have evacuated the premises.

Monday, November 1, 2010


No trick or treaters this year. But that didn't stop us from celebrating the spookiest holiday of the year!

This year Ryan and I had not one, but two Halloween costumes. (It may have been due to the fact that Ryan was a little embarrassed about our first costume choice.) Our Halloween costumes must fit two different criteria... they have to be homemade, and we have to have thought of it and put it together in under an hour.

As difficult as that sounds, here is what we came up with.

We went to our ward trunk or treat party and we decided to be....*drum roll please*

 Feeling a little nostalgic for Christmas

Robot Box

We also went to a family Halloween party. To spare Ryan from having to go in a red sparkly box with a bow (which he got stuck in), we decided on something a little more manly.
 Zombies! This was after the party so our zombie-ness kind of wore off.

What was kitty you ask?


Also, Halloween wouldn't be complete without some pumpkin carvings!! Ryan taught me how to use pumpkin stencils. It takes quite a bit of hand muscles let me tell you what. It was quite the work out. Next time you see me, remind me to show you my buff hand muscles.

Ryan did the 2 on the left. One without a stencil and one with. Mine is on the right.