Friday, July 22, 2011

Sir Husband, the Engineer

Did you know...

My husband is a

(1) Spider killer extraordinare
(2) Trash taker-outer
(3) Litter box cleaner
(4) Jar-opening guru
(5) Baby crib engineer

That's right. What would I do without him?

Today we got our crib! It's funny how excited you can get over baby things when it's actually for your own baby. Ryan, the baby crib engineer, put our crib together tonight. Kitty and I supervised (and helped...a little). It turned out great!

Here are some pictures of the process:

Curious Cat:

Putting it together:

Finished product! I spy kitty paws!:

Close up:

Side View:

We love it! Now we have to figure out what to do with the rest of the nursery.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Happy 100th blog post Blog!

I never thought we would make it this far! (Okay, I never really thought about 'how far we would make it', but it sounded dramatic!)
We have had fun times. We have had neglectful times where I have forgotten about you.

But to celebrate this momentous occasion, I will tell you about some events this summer that I have not recorded in you.

Well blog,

1. Ryan and I went to San Diego! It was sunny, and I got burnt to a crisp! We had fun touring the San Diego zoo, bicycling, going to the beach, and relaxing.

2. We have gone to tons of wedding receptions in the past 2 months. Free food is always a good thing.

3. I work. A lot. And Ryan studies non-stop.

4. Ryan and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary. He was a sweetheart and bought me the Harry Potter books 1-7 so I don't have to get them from the library anymore. And I gave him headphones. Again. :)

5. And speaking of Harry Potter, we went and saw the last Harry Potter movie. It was awesome...even though they deviate from the book.

6. Sometimes I get nervous when I think about naming our baby. He will have the name from the rest of eternity! What if he doesn't like it! When I asked Ryan if he ever thought about it, he said no. Must be a mommy thing.

Anyways blog, I will update soon. Enjoy your special day!


5 Months!
(Tired after an 8 hour day at work.)

PS: I just realized blogger was counting my unpublished blog posts in the 100. Sorry Blog, this day is not as momentous as I once thought. But, um, Happy 94th blog post!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Baby Update

Dear Blog World,

I can now officially say, "HALF WAY"! I cannot believe I am over half way done with my pregnancy. My thoughts? I am nervous, happy, scared, feeling great most days, love feeling the baby move. It feels more real now. We are actually going to have a little baby (or maybe a big baby? See post below) in a short time.

We finally ordered a crib, started collecting baby clothes, got a gliding rocking chair (thanks Mom and Dad!), and have a name picked out. And...we finally got our baby bedding! We decided to do a Curious George theme for the nursery. I am pretty excited about it. It came yesterday in the mail. We love it! (except we accidentally ordered the wrong crib skirt. Oops).

We're not the only ones that love it though.

Something tells me we're going to have to close the door to the nursery soon.