Friday, December 7, 2012

Catch Up, Part II

Cute little dragon
The pumpkin Ryan and I carved. Every year, I choose the template and Ryan carves. It is a great arrangement, and is probably why most of the pumpkins we carve have cats in them.
We took Jackson to a pumpkin patch, and he loved crawling all over the huge--size of a 1 year old child--pumpkins. He also loved the animals and tractor.

Although, he wasn't so sure about the hay ride.
1st Haircut
Jackson's first haircut was a success and looong overdue. I finally got Ryan into a chokehold and forced him to cut Jackson's hair. I was too scared to do it myself. It looked great! We gave the little tyke watermelon to munch on, and he didn't care one bit!
 Handsome boy. And he chose the bib himself.
Just kidding.
Our Claim to Fame
Ryan and I went to the BYU football game here at Georgia Tech. My parents were very kind and watched Jackson for us. We met up with Jennifer and her dad and got to sit in AWESOME seats!!!! These awesome seats just happened to be surrounded by Georgia Tech fans. We may have gotten yelled at a few times, and some mean man called Jennifer "Giggles", but it was still fun! For the most part, everyone was nice, even the lady who left early and told us that she hoped this wasn't the only "Mormon win" if we know what she means. (This was before the elections.)

After the game, we ran like monkies down the bleachers to watch the players go back to the locker room. Jennifer and her dad were calling after the football players to come give us high-fives. "Riley! Riley, You're a babe! Yeahhh!"  it worked, and we got to high-five most of the players. Then they started saying, "Camera man, you're awesome! Yeah!!!!!" The camera man came over and pointed the camera at us.

Afterwards, I said to Jennifer, "Wouldn't it be funny if we were on tv? We're not really that big of football fans...."
But I guess we are good pretenders because not only were we on tv....
We were also in the Deseret News.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Catch Up

I am giving myself 15 minutes to blog. I am hopelessly behind, but the house is a disaster waiting to be cleaned. And the dishes don't clean themselves. Too bad I can't sing a princess song and have the birds clean it for me. We have a ladybug infestation, so they can help too. (On a side note, having a ladybug infestation is way better than having spiders, fruit flies, and ants. All of which Ryan and I have experienced at some point in our marriage. Ladybugs are pretty slow, and Lily loves killing them, so it works!)

Did you know that Jackson, my mom, and I went to Texas in September? Because we did. We got to see my sister Lisa and her cute family.

There was some book reading.

Popsicle trying.

Brain freezes.


And feeding of deer. Nbd.

Oh, and let's not forget flirting.
(Too bad Kaelyn is afraid of babies.)
It was a fun trip. Jackson loved hanging out with kids kinda his age.

We also celebrated Halloween. Jackson was supposed to be Charlie Brown, but that unfortunately did not happen. (I may or may not have sent his costume to Utah by accident.) So instead, he was a FIRE BREATHING DRAGON!

Blogger is being slow, so you will get a pic next time. Instead, here is Jackson carving a pumpkin for the first time. Don't let his face fool you, he loved it! Getting dirty and slimy is right up his alley.

My little dragon trick or treated at 3 different houses. He even carried his own Halloween bag like a champ, although he didn't understand why people were sticking bowls of candy in his face. Mommy and Daddy were nice enough to eat his candy for him the next day.

Well, housecleaning time. Yay. And FYI, Jackson has been sick with the flu since Thursday. He started feeling better yesterday, but has since broken out in hives and has had bad abdominal pain due to a milk allergy. The poor boy has been miserable for nearly a week  and will hardly let me put him down--hence why the house is a disaster.

On a side note: We ran out of formula yesterday, so I had to put Jackson in the car and venture to the grocery store. It was probably a good thing because we didn't even have a can of corn or milk for cold cereal. As I was loading the groceries into the car, a nice older man probably noticed my disheveled appearance (picture crazy hair, mismatching clothes, and no makeup), and without question loaded the rest of the groceries into my car and took the cart for me. It was a welcomed act of kindness. He told me that you never know--one day he might need help and he hopes there will be someone to help him then. Thank you, kind stranger. You made my day.