Friday, July 13, 2012

8 Months

Little boy is 8 months old! Sorry this post is a week late, the same little boy has been sick with a fever/cold/stomach flu type thing. Ryan and I have both experienced the joys of being thrown up on this past week. And Jackson experienced the joy of having a 105 degree fever. Poor boy.

We went to Georgia for 2 weeks. It was fun and HOT HOT HOT. Jackson did really well on the airplane. I don't know why I have so many airplanes stories, but I do. On the way back to Utah, the lady sitting next to us had a Tigger pillow pal. If you know Jackson, he LOVES anything animal. He got so excited and started hyperventilating at it. He was reaching for it, but the lady was not sharing. Tigger and Jackson stared at each other for the whole flight.  Poor Jackson didn't understand why this Tigger was an off limits Tigger. He did manage to swat at it once though.

After the flight, the lady turned to us and said, "Your baby is the best baby I have ever flown with. Wahooooo!!" Well, minus the wahoo part.

Here are some fun facts about 8 month old Jackson:

--Jackson is crawling now! It is very slow and very sloppy, but he is a 'movin!

--His top teeth are starting to poke through the gums.

--He LOVES animals! He loves to chase the cat and pull her tail.

--Jackson is starting to wave. He doesn't understand what it means though, he just does it to copy us.

--Has tried squash, nectarine, carrots, and pear baby food. He has also decided that he doesn't really like blueberries anymore.

--Does what we call his "turtle" stance in the crib. He gets up in crawling position and cranes his neck up to see over his bumpers. He then watches the door to see if we are going to come get him.

--Loves to be thrown in the air.

Meet the many faces of Jackson: