Sunday, February 28, 2010

Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires

This weekend, we put out a fire. Not just any fire, but one with 6 feet high flames!

Ryan, David, Veronica, Will and I were going in the apartment to eat cupcakes, Jamba, and watch the Olympics. We parked the car and noticed smoke behind our neighbor's fence. I remember thinking that someone must be barbecuing. Yummy.

But then we noticed it was a little too close to the fence and way too orange...
Sure enough, a plastic green garbage can was on fire. Next to it was a very scorched white fence.

We started banging on the door of the house and David tried to turn on a nearby hose. It was broken. Ryan ended up calling the police. The owners of the house came out after a bit and figured out how to turn on the hose.With our powers combined, we ended up putting out the fire. Smokey the Bear would sure be proud.
It was actually quite exhilerating even though we inhaled a ton of smoke.

30 minutes later, the fire department called. I guess the dispatcher had given them the wrong address...
I sure do feel safe here in Provo.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Good and the Bad

Bad News: I lost my schedule book a week and a half ago.

This is bad because when I don't have it to look at, I feel quite lost and paranoid that I'm going to forget about something. Ryan can attest that I usually check my schedule at least 3 times a day. Without it, I fret and scrounge my brain, wondering what I have the next day, making me lose sleep at night.

Good News: Well, I found it the other my purse...where it belongs.

I swear I've looked there a million times! I was really happy to find it though. No more worrying and calling work to double check when I work!

Bad News: Unfortunately, a day later, I have lost it again.

I don't even remember taking it out! And for the record, I have looked in my purse four times now.

And Some Good News: I've come to the conclusion that a little elf is sneaking off with it while I am sleeping.

That has to be the only rational explanation.
Maybe tonight he will return it, the little bugger.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I like the TV show Chuck.
It's funny.
And it doesn't hurt that I think Chuck is a not-quite-as-handsome version of my husband.

Can you see a slight resemblance?
I can.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What a Day!

Well, I admit defeat. Voting ends tomorrow and the person in first place has 184 votes, I have 24. I don't think I even have 184 friends...but thanks for voting for me! It was fun!

This past Sunday Ryan and I had to speak in church. Goody. It actually went well despite the fact that I almost tripped going to the pulpit. Yep. Before the meeting started, I put my purse under the pew so I wouldn't trip over it. Unfortunetly, the strap was caught on my heel, and I didn't know when I stood up. That darn high heel! Lucky for me, I narrowly missed landing on my face...Thanks Ryan! That could have been embarrassing!

Today was a good day.

A. Because I had a day off from work.
B. Ryan and I went on two dates tonight.
C. I got to eat icecream. Yum.
D. Ryan and I ate artichokes with garlic butter. Yum.
E. We went to Cafe Rio. Yum.
F. My cat followed me around the apartment all day.
G. Tomorrow we are going to the Jazz/Blazer game.
H. All of the above

What's your answer?