Monday, October 12, 2015

Carter's Professional Pictures

We got professional pictures done when Carter was 2 weeks old. I love how they turned out!





You can find more pics HERE

Sunday, October 11, 2015

What Jackson's Been Up To

Jackson has been a busy bee. I am homeschooling him for preschool this year, and he is learning a lot! He is very inquisitive and I can see the wheels in his head turning. We learned about dinosaurs last week, and I told him they were extinct. He thought for a second and asked what happened to them. I said a giant rock came and poomied them (Jackson's word for when something dies). He thought about it for a little bit and then asked me, "So what happened to the rock?" I thought that was so funny. I told him I wasn't sure, that it probably broke into little pieces.

Jackson has started doing gymnastics. I wanted him to do something fun with other kids his age and didn't think he was quite ready for soccer. He loves doing "flips" on the bar and doing somersaults on the floor. I'm pretty sure he is one of the favorites because all the teachers fight over him and tell me how cute he is. He is all smiles for them.

Jackson loves playing with his cousins here. He gets along so well with Cousin Will And Cousin Daniel. When they are all 3 together, they run around and play. It's cute.

Jackson loves watching football with Ryan lately. He always requests to turn football on.

Jackson is also very stubborn and is starting to test his boundaries. He likes to be defiant and see what he can get away with. He is really good about not doing anything naughty like drawing on walls or getting into things, but he sure does know the word "no". I have to remind him to be obedient about 390824 times a day.

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We still love our little (or I guess big now) boy. He is a sweet older brother and really is a sweet boy. He loves playing Minecraft and also loves Spiderman. We are going to have to put some of his toys away in his room because he's outgrown them. Can't believe he is turning 4 next month!

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Here is a selfie Jackson took of himself.

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Carter at 3 Months

I finally feel like my life is getting back to order. Carter has been such a sweet baby. He is very easy going and doesn't ever full out cry. He will fuss when he is hungry or tired, but I have only really heard him full on cry a couple times.

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Cute boy has started to laugh, and it is so stinkin cute. He also loves his jungle bouncer chair. He knows to kick his legs to make the chair bounce, so he is in his chair bouncing up and down like crazy. Carter is a social butterfly. He would much rather look at people than look at toys (opposite of Jackson). He is starting to become more aware of his surroundings lately. He discovered the cat yesterday, and it was so funny. He had a confused look on his face and was probably thinking, "What are you!?" He also has started playing with some toys. I'm wondering if his teeth are moving because he has been drooling like crazy and gnawing on everything.  

Carter loves to grab my hair and stick it in his mouth. When I take it away from him, he will immediately do it again, stinker pants.

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What else....OH. Carter is a blow out king and has been for awhile. At least once a day, Carter will have an impressive blowout. He goes through outfits like crazy. We have had to throw out clothes because they are not salvageable. It is pretty amazing actually. He has such a forceful poo, there is no containing it.

Carter still sleeps in his rock n play, but only because his nursery is too bright and loud in the morning. Once we get curtains up (hopefully this weekend) we will be able to transition him.

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Carter is tolerating baths a lot better. He also loves his older brother Jackson. He always has a special smile for him. Carter hates car rides in his car seat, and loves his pacifier.

Carter is wearing 6 month clothes and is in size 2 diapers (although, we will size up to size 3 soon).

Nicknames for Carter: Carter Car, Car Car, Cartman, Carter Sauce

Love this little boy!

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Jackson on the left. Carter on the right, See any similarities?

Carter at 2 Months

Carter is starting to smile. It is the cutest thing. He will smile so big, his eyes will disappear, and his mouth takes over his face. He has what I lovingly call his "creepy old man smile". It's pretty funny.

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He is a sweet little baby. He is a good napper and was recently diagnosed with reflux. He is on medicine for it, and it has helped a lot.

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Carter was blessed on August 23rd, the same day as his cousin Marie. We were planning on using the same blessing outfit that Jackson wore, but when we pulled it out the day before the blessing, it was stained. Shauna and I had to run around town looking for a new outfit last minute. It was an adventure! We ended up finding a cute little romper for him. Thanks Shauna!

Both grandparents, and even Aunt Lisa, got to be here for the blessing. Carter is a very blessed little boy having so many people that love him.

The blessing was beautiful, and Carter looked so handsome for it. Special times for our family!


Cute Carter wakes up around 7-7:30 while Jackson is still sleeping, and that is our special alone time together. He will talk my ear off if I let him, and I think it is so cute. He then goes to sleep for a couple hours after that.


Poor boy had to get his 2 month shots. He was cranky a few hours after, but after a nice, long nap, he was good as new. The doctor was trying to get Carter to smile for her, but he was very seriously talking to her. No smile, just a serious conversation. The doctor laughed and said it is usually harder to get babies to talk and easier to get them to smile. Carter was being the opposite.

Carter's 2 month stats:
Weight: 14.11 lbs (94th percentile)
Length: 24.21 in (89th percentile)
Head Circumference: (47th percentile) -- Didn't inherit the Tedjamulia big head!

Carter at 1 Month

Carter is a little sweetheart. He is still an easy baby (although I wish he would sleep longer stretches at night). I forgot to mention that before Carter was born, I had hoped we would have another little boy with dimples just like Jackson and Daddy. Jackson has the biggest dimples, and I hoped Carter inherited them as well. Well, I noticed Jackson's dimples from the second they placed him on my chest at the hospital. So when I first saw Carter, I was slightly disappointed that he didn't have any. Fast forward 2 weeks, and I finally got a glimpse of his cute dimple. He only has one on his right cheek, like his daddy. Cute boy.

Carter at 1 month is starting to become more aware of the world. He is staying awake longer stretches at a time. I had to give up all dairy because it upset Carter's tummy. Oh well. I would rather have a happy baby than drink milk.

Ryan and I joke that baby Carter is an easier baby than Jackson was...and is STILL easier than Jackson is. Jackson likes to push our buttons sometimes, but we still love him.

Ryan has been so nice and lets me sleep some stretches at night. Poor guy must be tired at work. During the day, I will put on a show for Jackson when Carter is asleep and nap as well, so it hasn't been too bad. Love our 2 boys!

Carter's 2 week stats:
Weight: 9.81 lbs (80th percentile)
Height: 21.16 in (68th percentile)

Carter's 1 month stat:
Weight: 12.35 lbs (95th percentile)

Newborn Carter

Carter is an easy baby. (Knock on wood)

He already knew his days and nights the moment we brought him home. Actually, he just thought all day was sleep time. He would wake up every hour or two to eat, but would go right back to sleep. He, unfortunately, had jaundice, like Jackson did, so we had to put him on lights and go back to the pediatrician everyday for a week to check his levels. Poor little heels.

Jackson had a bit of a hard time transitioning from only child to oldest sibling. He would always say he had to go potty when I fed Carter. Every. Time. He has since gotten over that. Jackson has become a daddy's boy since baby has been born. He is also a sweet older brother. For the first month of Carter's life, he would call him "Baby Brother Carter". He was very proud of his little brother and would ask how he "got big".

My mom stuck around for two weeks after the baby was born and helped a ton! She cleaned, did dishes, grocery shopped, and cooked. We sure missed her after she left.

Ryan only got to take one day off from work to help out. Since he was a new employee, he didn't get paternity leave. Sad. Luckily, we had the baby on a 3 day weekend, so that helped.

Carter actually fit in his newborn clothes for a couple weeks. Oh! When we brought Carter home, he had the biggest blow out--all down his legs and up his back. It was so bad, I said forget it to the wipes and stuck him in the sink and washed him down. What a welcome home present!

It always takes a couple months to adjust to a new baby. Carter was such a sweet newborn, and we are so happy he's in our family!

Carter Michael Stephens

So I found a doctor that would take me. He is an OB/GYN at the hospital next to our house. His office is actually on the same floor as Labor and Delivery, so the first time I went there (with Jackson), I could hear a lady screaming in pain. It got me super pumped....

The first appointment with the new doc, I was 36 weeks pregnant. I was hoping he would agree to induce me early, since Jackson was 10 days early and almost 10 pounds. He was really nice and we went ahead and scheduled the induction for a week before the baby's due date.

My mom flew out two weeks later, and helped me a ton. I was big, but not nearly as uncomfortable as I was with Jackson at this point. I didn't really start feeling miserable until I was 38.5 weeks along. It was hot though. Summer in Utah...sometimes it would be over 100 degrees outside, and if I went out for even a little bit, it would completely wipe me out.

We did an ultrasound to see how big the baby was. The doctor predicted he would be around 7-8 lbs, so A LOT smaller than Jacks. *Phew* The doctor said I could still go ahead and get induced.

A couple days before the induction date, the doctor checked me, and I was only dilated to a centimeter and 70% effaced. He encouraged me to push back my induction date a couple days to make sure my body was ready for labor. I agreed. I really wasn't that uncomfortable, and I do like my sleep.

So, when I was 39.5 weeks pregnant, I was 3 cm dilated and 90% effaced. I got the thumbs up to have the baby the next day.

On July 3rd, 4 days early, I was induced.

I always heard that the second baby is usually easier to have, and this was true in my case. I would have to say the hardest part was the IV. The nurses had trouble sticking my vein. It took 3 nurses and 5 pokes for them to finally get it. I was super grumpy afterwards, not to mention nauseous. The first nurse was giving me a play by play. "I got the needle in. I'm fishing for a vein. Your vein keeps rolling! Sorry, I have to move the needle around in your hand..." I get queasy because of that and made Ryan get me a cold, wet paper towel to put on my head. They finally got it in. After the nurses left, Ryan checked out the nourishment room and was super excited about all the free coke he could have. I was still grumpy and did not appreciate his energy. Haha, poor Ryan.

Then the anesthesiologist came in and it took 3 pokes to get the epidural in. That one was my fault. I kept accidentally squirming away. I finally had to sit up and lean forward in Indian style, and that was much better.

Initially, I wasn't sure if the epidural was working because I could still move around pretty easily, and had feeling my legs (I later found out I was wrong. I couldn't feel a single contraction. Just the way I like it). My doctor had the day off that day because it was the day before 4th of July. He had no appointments, but he was in his office working on paperwork.

He came in, broke my water, and said he would be waiting for the phone call.

I tried to relax and rest. An hour or so passed, and I was still feeling queasy, so the nurse gave me zofran to help my nausea--it worked wonders. I told Ryan we should probably rest while we could. I turned on my side and tried to fall asleep. 20 minutes later, the nurse came scurrying in. She told us that based on the baby's heart rate, it looked like I was getting close to pushing. What?! They checked me not too long ago and I was on a 4. I thought it was going to take a lot longer.

She checked me, and sure enough, I was at a 9. I was stunned. What about my nap? She got everything ready for baby to come, and checked again, and I was a 10. Game time. The doctor came, and 20 minutes later, baby was here. (It took 3 1/2 hours of pushing for Jackson to come out, so this was way better). I had to get an episiotomy again. Bummer. But I can't complain because from start to finish, it only took four hours for baby to come out. Not too shabby. I kinda picture that since Jackson was so big last time, he made room in the birth canal for all his future siblings. All Carter had to do was slide down the birth canal. Jackson's birth was pretty traumatizing for me, so this was 100 times better.

Carter tried so hard to open his eyes and look around when he was placed on my chest.

He was such a chill baby, not to mention he had a ton of hair! We couldn't decide between the name Carter and Bryce in the hospital, so he was unnamed for a couple of days. He was also bigger than we originally thought. 8 lb 10 oz. I was amazed. I thought he was going to be in the 7 lb club for sure.

The post-partum yuckies were bad. Worse than labor. My uterus contracting was so painful. The next day was the 4th of July, and we had a really good view of the fireworks. My mom even made the comment that we should come back every year and watch it from this hospital since the view was so good, haha.

We came home 2 days after Carter was born, and it was history from there.

Introducing Carter Michael Stephens

Born Friday, July 3, 2015 at 12:01 pm
8 lbs 10 oz, 21 inches long