Friday, December 23, 2011

Coin Stephens?

The other day, I went to pick up a prescription at Walgreen's for Jackson. It was almost midnight, and there were lots of sick/injured/prescription picker-uppers waiting "patiently". Everyone and their winter sicknesses. Anyways, there was only two guys working that night, scurrying to fill prescriptions, man the drive-thru, answer phones, and wait on the customers in the pharmacy line. Needless to say, they were a bit frazzled.

When it was finally my turn, things didn't go quite as smoothly as I expected.

J: I'm here to pick up a prescription for my son, Jackson Stephens.

PM (Pharmacy Man): (Looking through some medicine)Hmmm...(couldn't find it, started typing in computer for several LONG seconds, looking confused). What's his date of birth?

J: 11/6/11...and that's Stephens with a P-H.

PM: (Several more awkwardly silent seconds staring at the computer.)

J: My doctor should have called the precription in.

PM: (Calls fellow coworker over to help)

More waiting...finally I see them putting together the prescription. As PM was about to hand over the medicine...

PM: Coin Stephens, right?

J: What?

PM: It's for Coin Stephens?

J: Jackson Stephens...

PM: his middle name Coin?

J: No. It's Ryan.

PM: Really?...Are you sure his name isn't Coin?

I found this situation somewhat humorous. I think I know my own child's name. I mean I named him myself.

After about 10 more minutes and several attempts to convince PM that Coin was not my son's name, they straightened everything out, and I left with the correct medicine. That was a close one. I almost got a prescription for a mysterious Coin Stephens with the same birthday as Jackson's.

(And I'm about 99.9% sure I named my son Jackson!)

Friday, December 9, 2011

1 Month

My little baby, Jackson, is officially one month old! It is amazing how much he has changed since we brought him home from the hospital. Here are some little tidbits about him.

--He grabs onto things now. When we burp him, he'll grab our shirts or my hair and won't let go.

--He really loves his stuffed whale on his play mat. He will lay there for over 20 minutes cooing and smiling at it.

--He still has his nights and days mixed up. Poor Mom and Dad.

--Almost all his outfits have monkies on them. Even his diapers have monkies.

--He has the biggest eyes and loves to stare at you.

--He hates having his arms wrapped up in his blanket. He loves having them be free and even sleeps with them over his head.

--He doesn't mind having his diaper changed (unless he's really hungry.)

He's a pretty good baby. I think Ryan and I lucked out!

( for more pics!)