Wednesday, November 14, 2012

12 Months = 1 year!

Somebody turned 1 last week...

It was Jackson!!!

He is getting so old.
Does that mean I'm getting old?...Don't answer that.

"No, Mom! Why do you make me do this?!"

I am behind on blogging. Halloween, first haircut, and birthday party posts to come...pinky promise.

In the meantime...

Here are some fun and exciting facts about 12 month old Jackson!

--Can points at things now. This has helped our communication so much! Now when he wants something, he'll just point at it. He also gives high-fives, claps, and pretends to talk on the phone.

--Unfortunetly, Jackson doesn't quite understand the concept of high-fives only being for hands. He loves to give my face high-fives too.

--Has gotten quite feisty lately and has a little 'tude as we like to call it (attitude). If we take him away from something he really wants to do or try to change his diaper when he's not in the mood, he will definetly let us know.

--Jackson is quite the thinker. He loves to study the buckles on Ryan's backpack and can easily play with them for 20 minutes. He also examines the screws on chairs and loves to turn on and off the light with the controller.

This video doesn't portray it very well, but it's the best one that I have. Please notice how he doesn't like the song that's playing and switches it. Too funny!

I also love this picture:
"What's Daddy doing?"

--Jackson's starting to stand up by himself, and when he does, he starts to celebrate and falls down. He can also walk like a pro with his walker.

--I sometime yell at the cat and point my finger at her when she bites Jackson. Occasionlly I will find Jackson pointing his finger at the cat and yelling, "Aro nanana ma ma ba." You tell her, Jackson. Unfortunetly, when I was taking him out of the bath yesterday, he did the same to me. Little rascal. I need to watch what I do these days.

--Loves to pull out the plug in his bath. He then scrambles to plug it again before all the water drains out. He thinks this is the greatest game ever...until all the water in his bath is gone.

--Favorite foods: strawberries, split pea soup, and smoothies

--Nicknames: Jack Jack, Jacksie, Jackie, Jax, Baby

--Loves to be chased--he crawls away so fast giggling like a hyena, but then can't help but turn around and watch you!

--Jackson is a big flirt. He'll flash his dimples at any girl he sees. People have told me multiple times what a flirt he is and that "he's already got it!"

And to end this lovely post, here is a video of Jackson with the birthday card his grandma, Nauna, gave him. He loves it! (Warning: Scantily-clad baby.This was right after bathtime, so we were lucky he even had a diaper on!)


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dancing Baby

Jackson has been busting out the dance moves lately.


His signature move is him swinging his arms around. You can see it in the first couple seconds of this video.

He loves the push car he got for his birthday. He also loves his new Elmo shirt. I catch him looking down at it sometimes. He pokes Elmo in the eyes and mouth and thinks it's so funny. Silly boy.