Saturday, March 27, 2010

Organic Cheese Pizza and Science Papers

Right now I am sitting on the bean bag, relaxing, eating organic cheese pizza with my husband. Finally. After 10 days straight of working morning, evening, or graveyard, or all of the above in one day,  I have come to the end of my very long streak.

Tomorrow is my day off...just in time for the Relief Society activity I am partly in charge of. Oi!  Life is busy.

Ryan would agree I think. After all, he did pull an all nighter last night writing an 8 page science paper for 16 hours in a row. Needless to say, we are looking forward to those lazy summer days!


Remember the poll we took a couple days ago? With the Shabby Apple dresses? Well, like I said, The first Shabby Apple dress (shown left) was not the best on me. It just didn't fit right. Well the results are in and

The winner is....(drum roll please)

Dress B! Thanks for your help everyone! I really like it!

Ryan likes it too. And so does Kitty.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Ryan came home today pretty excited about his new discovery--Wordle. It's a place where you can copy and paste any website or text and it will show you which words are used most frequently. It takes out all the little words like a, an, it, etc. It then puts the words into a collage. The bigger the word, the more times it is used.

Ryan wordled my blog and was extremely happy about the results. I wonder why...

    title="Wordle: blog">
    alt="Wordle: blog"
    style="padding:4px;border:1px solid #ddd">
You can do any website. It's fun!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Need Your Help!

For my birthday, I got a Shabby Apple dress. However, the one I got didn't fit me right. They let you exchange your dress for free. I need help! Which dress do you like the best?

A. Bethesda Fountain

B. Ingrid


C. Barefoot in the Park

Your opinion is much appreciated!  :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Love Was In the Air

I realized that I never wrote about our Valentine's Day! It was "love"ly.

Ryan and I celebrated by going to a BYU basketball game! Ryan bought me Dippin Dots, (yummm) and he got a cougar tail. We won (of course), and it took us a half hour to get home due to game traffic (which is always fun). (Do you like my side comments?)

We exchanged gifts and my wonderful husband got me a headband and flowers. I got Ryan shoes. (Ryan likes his shoes).

For dinner we went to Chef's Table, which is a really nice, romantic restaurant. The food was delicious and the fake piano player's music (the piano played by itself, but someone was pretending to play, what a job!) was nice. Our seat overlooked Provo. It was funny because despite the romantic atmosphere, the couples around us were extremely weird. This girl beside us kept kicking her date and we decided that she was going to break up with him that night, the guy behind us was MIA half the date (probably had a 2nd date on the other side of the restaurant), and the couple on the other side of us was talking about kidneys the size of oranges and ordering made up drinks. Really we were the only normal ones...maybe.

One thing I did learn that night was that pink lemonade is the same thing as strawberry lemonade.

Ryan had ordered "pink" lemonade. When the waiter asked if we wanted a refill, he asked if we wanted to try a new flavor. He started listing them off, "Kiwi, lime, pineapple, raspberry, strawberry..."

Mmmm...strawberry. That sounds good.

Me (mouthing to Ryan): Strawberry!

Ryan: I think we'll stick with strawberry.

What!! Stick with??
What a surprise! Makes sense I guess.

We then ended the date by sharing a cupcake at the cupcake shop, where the worker complimented my headband and asked me where I got it. Ryan was beaming!

I love Valentine's Day!