Tuesday, July 20, 2010

To Run or Not to Run

I can't decide if I am a glutton for punishment or not.

My work is going to participate in the Dirty Dash on September 25. It sounds like a fun run. You basically run...in mud and through obstacle courses.

Here's the catch though. It's a 10k aka a 6.2 mile run. What! A 10k...who me? The girl who thinks running is a form of torture and whose husband can run in circles around her? I dunno though, it sounds a lot more fun then running a normal 10k. And it gives me an excuse to get into shape.

Plus I can have 4 teammates...we just have to all cross the finish line. I'll probably be the one to cause my team to get a DNF...aka Do Not Finish. Yikes! Anyways, what do you guys think...

To run or not to run?
That is the question.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dirty Go Karting

Today Ryan and I went go karting. I love go karting. I am very competitive when it comes to go karting. I will happily beat any 7, 8, or 98 year old out there. Well, today wasn't any different. Ryan has learned that although go karting is fun, it is even more fun to sit as my passenger (or maybe safer.)

We were second in line. In front of us was our competitor. A double kart with a mom and her 5 year old daughter. Yes, they had the advantage with a lighter load, but they did not have the skill. We ended up getting right next to them, passing them, and as I turned the corner to fully defeat them, it happened.

The dirtiest thing in go karting.

The mom with a FIVE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER in the kart next to her slammed into the side of our kart on purpose. We ended up spinning out and getting stuck against the railing. I was fuming as the employee unwedged our cart. Directly smashing into competition goes against all go kart etiquette and rules of go karting! If this was any other sort of game like putt-putting or Twister, I wouldn't have minded, but go kart!

No one else passed us after that, and I made sure to glare at the mom after the race. I mean the only time it is acceptable to ram each other in go karting is battle mode on MarioKart.

Everyone knows that.

Friday, July 2, 2010

You Can Hava This or You Can Hava That.

Have you ever seen hamsters rap before?

I hadn't either.
This was Ryan's favorite part of Eclipse. The ads.
Actually, we both liked the Vampire movie. It was a lot better this time around.
And if you think about it, this rap could totally apply to Bella.  "You can hava this or you can hava that."