Thursday, January 26, 2012

Favorite Moments of the Day

#1: I woke up this morning wondering why Jackson hadn't woken up yet. That's when I heard these little coos coming from his room. I walked in to find him staring up at the ceiling talking to it. I'm not sure how long he had been doing that for, but it was one of the cutest things ever.

#2: We took Jackson to the ER to visit some of my coworkers. The only time we could go was around his naptime, so I was worried he would be tired and grumpy. When we took him out of the car, he was already sleeping, but soon woke up to the bright lights. He did pretty good with the first couple people and even smiled once or twice. However, he was able to draw a crowd. There was probably 5 or 6 people surrounding him. He was a little overwhelmed at all these new faces. One of my coworkers exclaimed, "He is the cutest baby I've ever seen! Can I take him home and keep him?!" Right at that moment he stuck out his bottom lip, scrunched up his face, and started to cry--the saddest baby face I've ever seen! Perfect timing and oh so funny!

#3: We went to Sonic during Happy Hour to get 1/2 priced slushies. 2 slushies for a little over $1 sounds like a good treat to me! We went through the drive-thru and when I went to hand the Sonic lady my debit card, I accidentally dropped it on the ground! Ryan went to go pick it up, but discovered the car was too close to the wall to get out. I had to pull the car forward, stop, have Ryan get out and get the card, hand it to the drive-thru lady, reverse (yes, the person behind me did the other 3 cars!), and wait to get our drinks. This did not faze the Sonic lady at all. She didn't even say anything. I hope this means that things like this happen often. The best part about the whole thing? It was raining.

#4: Ryan has been doing really good at exercising every day. He usually goes to the clubhouse gym, but today, it got a little too late to go. He decided to pop in one of my pilates cardio videos. While he was doing it, I was feeding the baby and trying to put him to sleep. I know, not the best environment for sleep, but it was fun! During the warm up/stretching portion of the video, Jackson was pretty much sleep eating. His eyes were closed and he was reflexively eating. However, when Ryan got to the cardio part, I looked down and Jackson was wide awake smiling. He was watching his daddy do pilates and thought it was so funny! He watched him for the whole 30 minutes with a huge smile on his face!

(Ryan read this post and said, "What no pictures?!" So here are some pictures as of late)

The little rascal

"Dino Mite!"

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Our Growing Boy

(Warning: Picture and Video overload...because let's be honest. You are all here for Jackson.)

Jackson is growing like a weed! It is amazing to look at pictures from just a couple weeks ago and see how much he has changed. He is a happier baby these days. He cries less and is so aware of the world around him. Last week he discovered his hands. It's funny to see him examining them like they are the coolest things in the world.

I have how many fingers?

He has really been playing with toys too. He grabs and holds onto things. He loves his skinny elephant. It makes a crinkly noise when you touch it. He also likes his bouncer. When you hit the toys, it lights up. Amazing, I know.

His favorite place in the whole house is in his crib. He doesn't actually sleep in it yet, but he loves to play in it.

He always coos at the mobile. However, when we pull the camera out, the little stinker stops and stares. This is the best video we have of it.


What's new with Ryan and me? Ryan's been doing really well in school. He is also waiting patiently (well as patient as you can!) for his law school acceptance letters. I go back to work next week...we'll see how that goes. And we have 2 random pheasants in our backyard.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2 Months

Yes, Jackson is now 2 months old! He had his 2 month check up yesterday. He was such a good little boy. He kept smiling at the nurse and student doctor. When he saw his real doctor though (the one that delivered him) he started full blown crying. I guess he remembers him from the day he was born. Tough memories for the poor little guy. :)

The doctor said he was the size of a 4 month old. Jackson also had to get his shots. Those are not fun. The nurse kept saying how surprised and amazed she was that he was so strong. That's my boy!

Later that night, Jackson got really cranky. After screaming for 3 hours straight, we discovered that he had a 104 degree fever. Poor baby. We have been giving him Tylenol which has helped a ton. He still has a fever today, but it's not as high, thank goodness.

Here are his stats from the appointment:

Weight: 14.4 lbs (94th percentile)
Height: 24 in (83rd percentile)
Head circumference: 42 cm (90th percentile)

Some interesting 2 month old facts:

--Jackson HATES being burped. He will fight tooth and nail not to have to be burped. We have resorted to sticking a pacifier in his mouth to make him think he is still eating.

--He has turned into a grabber He grabs fingers, hair, shirts, etc.

--He loves fans. He is content to just sit and coo at them for 20 minutes. They are his best friends.

--He is a good bath taker. He doesn't cry (He doesn't smile either though. He is more concerned). He sleeps really well after he has a bath.

--Got his first cold and stomach bug. No fun for baby and Mommy and Daddy.

--Running water and a low pitch "Oooooh" will always make him stop crying. Fail proof.

No 2 month block picture yet. We will do one after he feels better.

Some other pics:

4 generations picture

Monday, January 9, 2012

Starring Jackson Stephens

For the first post of the year, I thought I would share some videos of what Jackson has been up to!

Playing with his whale

Learning how to sit in his bumbo

What can we say, he is a talented kid!