Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January in a Nutshell

Time to dust off this ol blog. I couldn't let January pass me by without updating my blog at least once.

Let's rewind a bit:

Christmas was magical. We were in Washington, and Jackson was at such a fun age. He participated in some of the festive activities this year, and it makes me even more excited for next year when he can participate even more. Ryan's parents worked really hard to make everything perfect. We were definitely spoiled.

Christmas was extra long for us this year. We got back to Georgia and had another Christmas celebration with my family. Both of my sisters and their families were in town. Jackson loved having so many kids around. He was a little overwhelmed at first, but warmed up pretty quickly.

Most recently, we have been sick with a flu. Ryan was so so sick. We were blessed that he got sick on a 3 day weekend, so he didn't miss as much school. The doctor prescribed him Tamiflu, which is supposed to reduce the amount of time you are sick, but it actually made him even more sick. He stopped taking it after a day because he was getting better anyways. Jackson, who was the only that got the flu shot, also ended up getting sick. I wasn't nearly as bad, but am still battling the body aches and overall yucky feeling.

Yesterday I woke up from a nap and felt worse than I did before the nap. I was so bummed out because I thought I was getting better. I was sick all night and was wondering how I was going to make it through today with Ryan being at school and Jackson being extra needy. We were blessed yet again when it snowed and Ryan's school got cancelled.

Ummm yes, you heard that right...it snowed in Georgia!!! This happens once every couple years and when it happens, the whole city shuts down. Jackson LOVES the snow. He has been walking around the house saying, "Snow! Snow! Snow!" He begged to go outside on the back porch and was sooo happy when we took him "sledding".

Traffic has been crazy with everyone trying to go home and the snow still piling down. We have heard sirens all day long and hope that everyone makes it home safely.

Anyways, that is our life right now. Hopefully February brings warmer weather and healthier days.