Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Barbeque Mishap

Today Ryan and I were ready to barbecue. We had our chicken marinated, hamburgers ready, barbecue clothes on...but we had one "small" problem. We inherited a small barbecue grill that has been passed around our family. It's a cute little thing, but I had no idea how to use it, so I put Ryan in charge of cooking the meat. He took the grill outside to get 'er ready, but came back in a couple minutes later with some bad news.

"The entire inside of the grill is full of beehives."

I didn't see that one coming. Not wanting to share our food with the bees, we went to our backup plan. Our mini Geoge Foreman grill. This manly grill is able to cook one hamburger at a time. Patience is a virtue.

Our barbecue didn't go quite as planned, but it still was delicious. Especially since there was no sign of bees or hives, just happy tummies.

Finally a picture of Ryan! He usually doesn't approve of me putting pictures up of him, but I told him if I didn't put an occasional picture or two of him that people would start to think I'm narcissistic.

And just because here is a close up of some of the food.

The Dreaded Memorial Day

Today I had to work 12 hours on Memorial Day. It was a day I dreaded and whined to Ryan about for days...weeks maybe. My thought process when I chose to work this shift was as follows:

1. I get paid time and a half
2. Ryan has the next day off of school as well.
3. I am crazy.

I heard rumors from fellow co-workers about how crazy, busy, and full of ambulances Memorial days usually are. I was not excited. I told Ryan he could not by any means have fun while I was at work. (Just kidding.)

Anyways, working Memorial Day wasn't half bad. I think the rain discouraged people from doing fun, dangerous, bound-to-end-up-in-the-ER type of things. I survived!

After a long day at work, Ryan took me to the grocery store so we could buy food to barbeque tomorrow. We are going to have our own Memorial Day, one day late.

And then when I finally walked through the front door, I saw that he had cleaned the house while I was at work. (Something that needed to be done desperately). What a kind, considerate man I have. It's times like this I realize I am one lucky girl! (Even if I have to work Memorial Day. :P)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hot and Cold

Ryan is currently sick with a bad cold. He is stuffy headed, feverish, and can be found hacking up a lung. A sick man combined with a pregnant woman does not make a good combination.

Today when he picked me up from work, I got into the 80 degree car.

"Agh!" I exclaimed, yanking off my jacket, "It's so hot in here!"

I changed the temperature in the car to 70 degrees.

"It's cold in here!" Ryan groaned, grabbing my discarded jacket.

"I guess we can turn on the heat and open the window..." I said compromisingly.

Ryan decided to suffer instead.

When we got home, Ryan went straight to the thermostat. "It's 69 degrees in here. It's freezing!"

Julie: Nooo! It's so HOT! Don't touch that!
Ryan: But it's cold!
Julie: Put on more clothes! And get a blanket!

I'm not a very nice pregnant lady. I did offer to make him soup though. Poor sick Ryan. I am happy to report that he is now nice and toasty with his hoodie and blanket.

Other news: I am officially in my second trimester! Woohoo! Today we saw Baby moving around, and he even covered his face with his arm. We also saw the beating heart, which was a relief. Right when the ultrasound picture showed up, I could tell the baby was a lot bigger than at 9 weeks. It's amazing how fast they grow! He is the size of a lemon.

Oh, and I got bangs. They are fun. And sometimes make my face hot.

3 Months
(My hair looks better in real life)

And just because, here is a pic of my new skirt!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Sleepy Blogging

Why is it that I can be so tired, but it still takes me hours to go to bed at night? Does that happen to you guys?

For example, I worked a day shift today, and I have been dying of exhaustion. I promised myself I would go to bed early tonight. Got off work at 7...ate dinner, watched tv, browsed facebook/blogs, and before I know it's 11 pm! I can't even use Ryan as an excuse--he pulled an all-nighter last night and has been snoozing in bed since we got home.

This is my go-to-list of excuses why it is not bed time yet:

1. It's hard to fall asleep these days.
2. The couch is way too comfy
3. I have gotten my 5th wind.
4. I have not updated my blog for awhile
5. Just one more chapter in my book (over and over again...those stinkin' cliff hangers get me every time!)
6. I think I am getting hungry.

And so on.

First step to a bad habit is admitting you have a problem.



I, Julie Stephens, will admit that I am falling asleep typing this, and probably won't go to sleep for another hour when I am too tired to get ready for bed...


I think I'm okay with that.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Elusive Skirt

About 6 months ago, I had a vision of a skirt. It had pockets, it was bright, and it was summery. I told Ryan about this dream skirt I wanted, and for my birthday, we went in search of it. We could not find the elusive dream skirt anywhere. It was a sad time.

While I was browsing the internet on Friday, I found it! I was ecstatic. I made Ryan go out the next day and buy it with me. I called it my "Mother's Day present". Ironically, the skirt is named "Like a Dream Skirt".

Luckily, the top is elastic and has room to stretch.
Thank you DownEast for making my dreams come true.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thanks Hubby!

One thing I have noticed about my pregnancy is that I am clumsy. Plain and simple. Before Baby, I was extremely coordinated and graceful...Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, but I was not a clumsy person by any means. Below are lists to help you understand how clumsy I have become.

This past month I have spilled:
Water in the bed x4 (Luckily we have spare beds)
Water on the couch
Water on the floor (I think I am sensing a trend)
Enchilada sauce
A whole bag of sugar
Pickle juice
Freshly sliced tomatoes

I have dropped:
Cell phone

And I trip over my own feet.

I have at least one mishap a day.
I feel like a clown with big feet.

But some good news, I have a husband that will clean up after a bout of clumsiness. And will hand me water cups and say, "Don't spill." Thanks hubby!

2 Month Picture (Please ignore the baggy pants)