Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Feeling a Little Bit Special

Ryan and I are in the wonderful state of Washington. Washington = no snow = a happy Julie. I am incredibly grateful to be missing out on the winter wonderland Utah is currently having. Just saying.

Here in Washington, we got to go to a Portland Trailblazer basketball game. We were pretty excited. We found the cheapest parking garage, found a station to make free signs, and when we went up to our seats we found free Burger King crowns and coupons on our chairs. Ryan was a bit nervous we were in the wrong seats because only our row got Burger King. I guess we were lucky!

A couple minutes later a big group came and sat next to us. That's when Ryan really started wondering if we had the right tickets. The reason why? From Ryan's brother Trevor's own mouth, this group could have been the cast from The Ringer. Could we have gotten a "special discount" on our seats? Although our row was from a special needs facility, we had the best seats in the house. They cheered every second of the game, talked to us like we were their best friends, and even offered to share their drinks and popcorn with us! They made us feel special. We even got on the big screen!

It was probably the best Blazers game I have ever been to.  

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Couch Presents

Ryan was studying on the couch next to me when I heard a clunk and a "That was my last pen!" Confused I looked over at him.

"Do you have another pen?" he asked.

"No, you stole the last one out of my purse on Sunday."


A couple hours later, I was doing my makeup on the couch. I accidentally dropped my mascara into the crack. Aw man! I made the foot rest come out thinking it sunk to the very bottom. Instead of my mascara, I saw 3 pens! I pulled them out and put them on the couch next to Ryan.

"My pens!" he exclaimed happily.

I then dug on the side of the couch trying to find my makeup. Instead I encountered something big and hard. "What in the world?" I thought to myself as I yanked it out. Behold, a calculator!

"Yes! My calculator! Are the batteries down there too?"

"How do you lose a calculator in a couch?" All I got was a shrug.

I finally found my mascara and promised myself I would investigate the couch soon. You never know what kind of potential Christmas presents could be down there.