Thursday, March 26, 2015

3 Year Old Jackson

Jackson turned 3 back in November. He is a sweet little boy, but can be a handful at times. I realized he never really went through the rebellious stage. He never climbed out of his crib or took off his clothes. He never wrote on the walls or did anything that he knew was naughty. We were pretty lucky from that point of view. However, he has a little attitude sometimes, especially when he is tired or hungry (more like hangry). He likes to be defiant and say no to us. It makes me want to rip out my hair sometimes. But then, 2 minutes later he can be this sweet little boy again, so it's quite confusing. We love our little boy so much!

This is him blowing out the candles on his 3rd birthday. He actually made play doh cakes and pretend candles for weeks before his birthday to practice blowing out his candles.

Things you should know about 3 year old Jackson:

--Jackson loves to mother people. He will ask me if I'm okay or rub my back and give me hugs and kisses. The other day he was playing with his cousin, Kyan, and Kyan was feeling sad because his mom left to go to the store. Jackson said, "It's okay. Kyan's mommy will be back. Want to go upstairs? Yeah? No? Downstairs?" He was trying to comfort his poor cousin. He also would bring him toys to play with since Kyan had a hurt leg and couldn't do it by himself.

--He is pretty good at expressing his feelings. "I'm feeling sad..." or "I'm happy today!" I think he got this from preschool. He is a pretty sensitive kid and will cry when you say no to him. This is hard when his friends don't want to do what he wants to. He doesn't quite understand why they (or we sometimes) say no.

--He loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse, cars, trains, and toy reviews on Youtube. It's a real thing. Look up Disney Collector. She is one of his favorites. It's basically adults playing with kid toys. Whenever he watches one, he will turn to me and say, "Mom, I want that for my birthday."

Jackson insisted on sleeping with all of Grandma's Mickey Mouse stuffed animal in this tiny crib. He actually slept with them all night long. I was impressed.

Jackson loves riding this train whenever we go to the mall.

--Jackson will go to preschool by himself, but still hates primary. He will go to the class portion (not by himself), but hates singing and sharing time. I think part of the reason is because I am playing the piano and can't sit by him. He also wants people to stop singing. It's pretty funny and aggravating at the same time.

Jackson drew this picture after school one day and I was really impressed. It is a dinosaur with a long tail and clouds.

--He has a love/hate relationship with baths. He will refuse to take them some days. I think it's because he hates when water gets in his eyes when we get the soap out of his hair.

--Sleeps on a "queeng" size bed on the floor. It is a queen and king mattress topper stacked on top of each other. We are ghetto like that.

--Loves to sing and play play doh and paint. He also likes to cut with his scissors.

--Terrorizes the cat. He thinks it's funny to chase her and throw toys at her. He thinks he is playing with her. Poor guy needs a brother to play with (I'm working on it).

--Loves Chick-Fil-A!! He calls all fast food with chicken and fries Chick-Fil-A.

Jackson asked me to take a picture of this icecream cone and French fy at Chick-Fil-A. He also posed with his face this way on purpose. Goofy boy.

--He loves to play the old school Nintendo console at my parent's house. He especially loves Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (he has a TMNT shirt that he refuses to take off), Rescue Rangers, and Mega Man (which is so hard for us to play! That game is impossible to beat!) Occasionally he will let us play Mario, which is Ryan and my favorite.

--He understands the concept of money or "moneys" as he calls it. He loves playing Kindle games, but whenever he wants to buy a new game, he asks if it cost too much "moneys".

Playing Kindle after a haircut

--He says the funniest things sometimes. Jackson is a smart kid, and we love him so much.

I love this little boy to pieces!! He is so sweet (most of the time) and fun to be with. He is going to be a great older brother!


Side note: Jackson is pretty good at using my phone. He knows how to take selfies, and here are some that I found on my phone. Sometimes his sequence of selfies make me laugh so hard I cry.

After about 30 of these pictures, this was then followed by 3 second video clips of him clapping and making funny noises. This kid cracks me up.