Thursday, August 30, 2012

Caffeinated Baby

Jackson is quite the crawling machine. He has learned that he no longer has to be in the same room as me--he has to be in the same room as the kitty. This is problematic as the cat likes to taunt Jackson. She will get just an arms length away and slowly lure the poor unsuspecting baby to her litter box. Jackson knows he's not supposed to go in the kitty room, but it is just too much temptation for the poor little guy when the cat is in there. Lily thinks it's great fun.

She will also leave a little trail of kitty litter right outside the door, and if I am not careful, Jackson will pick up these pieces and eat them like candy. Mmmm, kitty litter.

Well, friends, today was no different. Kitty leads Jackson away from me, under the table, towards her litter box...but there is a twist to this story. Jackson gets sidetracked because the pantry door is cracked open. This was about the time I realized I needed to go get the little guy.

I walk over just in time to see Jackson drop a can of Pepsi (courtesy of my dad) on the ground. It hit just right and the top blew off, and Pepsi went all over. Jackson was sitting in brown liquid.

I got paper towels and laid them out to soak up the Pepsi.

I went to grab another roll of paper towels, and when I turned around I found Jackson sucking on the wet paper towels! I immediately took them away. Then the little stinker tries to does it again!!! When I took it away again, he started wailing and throwing a tantrum as if to say, "But that was good, Mom!!"

Oh boy. My son has experienced his first taste of caffienated soda, and he liked it. A lot.

He is his father's son.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

9 Months

Jackson is 9 months old! Big boy! We have officially moved across country, and Jackson has gone on more airplanes than the number of months he has been alive. That is a pretty big accomplishment for a baby! It's a good thing he is a good traveler.

Interesting facts about 9 month old Jackson:

--He is a crawling champ now! He chases after the cat, but Lily is still faster.

--Has 4 teeth and 4 more coming in. Teething baby = no fun sometimes.

--I feel like Jackson is getting smarter these days. The other day, we went out to eat and let Jackson play with a spoon. He watched me eat and decided to copy me by touching his spoon on my food and putting it in his mouth. He kept doing it over and over again. It was pretty cute.

--Needs a haircut.

--Can wave hi to people thanks to his Grandma Nauna. If you say hi, he will wave to you, even if you're not waving.

--Has tried peaches, green beans, and garden fresh vegetables baby food. He also likes Mum mum crackers.

--Pulls himself onto his knees. He has bonked his head several times because of this.

Also, I have to be fast about taking pictures of this kid because this--

Turns into this real fast!

Ryan and I in the Uhaul.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Goodbye Utah

Dear Blog World,

Just a little update--we are still alive, just a little busy packing everything we own. Jackson and I leave Utah tomorrow. Ryan leaves early Saturday morning. Crazy! 

Goodbye Utah. Hello Georgia!

(PS: Happy 1st Birthday to Jackson's cousin, Kyan!)