Saturday, March 24, 2012

I am old and Other Such Ramblings

I am old.

It's weird, when I was little, I used to think 12 year olds were old.
And then I thought 16 was sooo far away.
Missionaries were always ancient.
College was in the future.
I would get married...some day.
Being a mom? You have to be old and responsible to do that.

Now I think 12/16 year old and missionaries look like babies.
I am a married college graduate.
And I have a baby boy.

Where did the time go?

Now that I am so old and mature...(and naturally Ryan is as well. I mean, he IS a year and a half older than me.) we get to make adult decisions, like where we are going to move this summer! Yes we have options. It's nice to have options sometimes, but it makes it that much harder to decide.

Did you know Ryan got into 9 different law schools. That is a lot. We could move to Florida, Colorado, Virginia, Ohio, Washington, Oregon, Georgia, Texas, etc. We have pretty much narrowed it down to 2 different states.

Washington or Georgia.

So the real questions are:

Bugs or Rain?
Hot humidity or cloudy skies?
Chick-Fil-A or...Starbucks?
East or West?
Democrats or Republicans?
Vampires or hill billies?

As you can see, we are taking this really seriously. I read Twilight. Those vamps in Seattle are ruthless. Ryan is probably rolling his eyes at me right now. He thinks I am crazy. I am. (Only at 1 in the morning though.)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Grumbly Grumbles

Dear Immunizations and Head Cold,

We hate you for making our little boy really sick. Immunizations, we will unfortunately see you in 2 months, but head cold, you stay away! And we mean it!

Go find someone else to torment,
The Stephens


On a side note: We have survived one of the worst weeks ever! Luckily, we have turned a corner. Why hello, sleep and sanity, we have missed you!

Jackson's 4 Month Stats:

Weight: 17.6 lbs (90th percentile)
Height: 26.5 inches (91st percentile)
Head Circumference: 43.5 cm (79th percentile)

He is a proportional little boy!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

4 Months

(Ryan's favorite)

(My favorite)

Jackson is 4 months old!!

On his 4 month-iversary Jackson finally rolled over all the way! Now he is a little roly poly. He is sure growing fast.

Some interesting facts:

--He not only grabs at his toys, but he can also play with them, turn them around, put them in his mouth, etc.

--He loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse and Yo Gabba Gabba.

--Jackson is now ticklish. We tickle him and he laughs--a real live belly laugh. (video to come)

--We have to put socks on his hands when he sleeps because he is really into scratching lately. He will scratch our arm/hand when we are putting him to sleep. He also scratches the side of his face, behind his head, or his ears.

--He smiles in the tub now. He also likes to kick his legs and splash around.

--Nicknames include Baby, Little One, Bubba (much to Ryan's dismay), and Bubsey. We really only call him Jackson when we are trying to get him to stop crying.

Jackson is getting to be so much fun lately. He is playing more and laughs a lot. He can also entertain himself, which is nice! I will update his 4 months stats when he goes to the doctor next week.


He likes to fold his arms now...this is right after bath time.

It almost looks like he has a towel on his head.

He rolled over while I was changing his outfit, the little stinker.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Hi! My name is Jackson!

I like to sleep and eat and play!

I also like to pull my Mommy's hair! See!

I really like to cuddle.

Sometimes my parents like to torture me, but that's okay...I think.

I also really like my Ducky. My Great-Grandma gave it to me! Thanks Great-Grandma Merrie!

It kinda has weird arms...

That can fly!


We're friends.


And do you remember Tiger? We are still friends.

Uh oh! I gotta go! Mommy says it's bath time!