Monday, February 28, 2011


This weekend, Ryan and I took our stalking to a new level. I am embarrassed to admit (but not too embarrassed to to blog about) we took almost 2 hours of our Saturday to stalk 8 or so the snow. Yes. It was the BYU men's basketball team.

There was a really big basketball game on Saturday. Ryan was really excited and couldn't sleep the night before. He said (and I quote), "It's like Christmas! I am so excited!" Luckily we won.

Ryan made 2 big errors that day.

Error #1: Making me watch the basketball game
Error #2: Looking at a Cougar Board entry from a man that calls himself Glemonade.

Thank you Mr. Glemonade for posting when the Cougars were flying into the Provo airport. I got really excited and insisted that we attend this function. Dorky? I think not. Stalkerish? Maybe.

However, I later found out that someone may have been stalking US. (Not really, but look closely at the video. Can you see Ryan and me?)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Heads Up

Video Courtesy of

Yes, this really happened at the ER...while I was at work. Once the police realized the guy was gone, you would see everyone occasionally look up at the ceiling wondering if someone was going to crash through. It was a pretty exciting night!

Other news from the life of Ryan and Julie:

We have bought new hair ties and bobby pins for me since the cat has eaten/mutilated/hid/killed every one that I had. Unfortunetly, Ryan does not have the same luxury with his headphones that have met the same fate.

I am excited for Valentine's Day. And I really wish I had red and pink paper to make pretty paper hearts.

Ryan just noticed that my spell check is off, and I don't know how to turn it back on. Please ignore all my misspelled words.

Ryan did the dishes again tonight! Happy day. We have a fun little system going on where Ryan does all the dishes! Just kidding. We switch off doing them. It's pretty awesome.

Did I mention I'm excited for Valentine's Day?