Monday, June 27, 2011

Picture Phobia

62% thought we were having a boy
38% thought we were having a girl.

Well...this little guy

is indeed a boy!

I was so excited I could hardly sleep last night. Ryan and I both thought this little baby was a boy. We had a giftcard we needed to use, and we actually bought a baby boy outfit this past weekend thinking we could return it if we were wrong. Guess we don't have to!

The baby wasn't cooperating too well. He was hiding his head and the ultrasound tech needed the measurements. She had me turn on my right and left side, jump up and down, and go to the bathroom. I never thought an ultrasound hurt before...until now. You can really jab someone with those things! Baby is in the 98th he is big! I am measuring 1 week ahead of schedule.

The baby didn't like being photographed. He kept kicking the ultrasound probe. The ultrasound tech said he was also pouting. See:

His chin is against his chest, and you can see his little lips.

Guess he needs a little training on liking his picture being taken--especially since his grandpa's favorite hobby is taking pictures!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


For Ecology class, Ryan was given the worst assignment ever given to any BYU college student (in my opinion). He had to catch web-spinning spiders to experiment on. If my teacher made me do this, I think I would be a college drop out.

This assignment was a challenge for most of May because it was so cold and rainy outside. He couldn't find any arachnids. It seems like you always find the little buggers when you DON'T want to, but when you try to, you can't find any. Go figure.

Well, the other day I went with Ryan, and we actually found a couple spiders in some bushes. I ran to the car not wanting to see my husband capture them in jars. I guess it is more difficult then it sounds. They use their spiderman senses to escape cature. Ryan finally got one and when he was closing the jar, the spider sent a web out trying to escape. Ryan, with his cat-like reflexes, was too quick.

He brought the little guy home (well, in the backyard. I wouldn't let him bring it in the house) and built it a nice little home in a cardboard box. An hour later, Ryan came in really upset.

"My spider escaped."

"NOT IN THE HOUSE, RIGHT?" was the first response out of my mouth. The answer was no. *Phew*

Saddened, he went out and looked for more spiders. Later on, he realized that the spider had not escaped, that it simply buried itself in the dirt to hide so when Ryan opened the box, it attempted to scuttle out.

Who knew spiders were so smart? I seriously think the directors of Spiderman examined spiders and their defense techniques while filming the movie.

Anyways, the spider still resides in the backyard, and we speculate whether it is still alive, breathing, and happy. If it dies, I don't think I would be too disappointed--not going to lie. I will be one happy camper when this experiment is over. Even if we have a little superhero in our backyard.


4 Month Picture!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Harry Potter 7.2

Guess who is seeing this movie

on opening night on IMAX 3D?
Super excited.
And guess who was the doof that got work off on the wrong night.
I should probably work on fixing that.
(I suffer from a mild case of pregnancy brain. Ask Ryan. I called him Jennifer and kitty today by accident. Oops.)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Vacuuming Blues

Our vacuum cleaner is out of shape. (Not the only thing out of shape in our home. *Cough* me *Cough*.) One day we tried to get it to exercise, and the vacuum belt broke, leaving us in a mess (literally).

When we clean the carpets, we have to resort to this.

It takes twice as long, but at least the user gets a good workout! And poor Ryan has decided he doesn't want me to hunch over like this for extended periods of times, so guess who gets to be the lucky one to exercise the vacuum hose?

At times Ryan will pretend the hose is attacking him, in which case the cat nearly has a heart attack. Makes for some exciting times my friends.

And good news! Today we went and bought a new vacuum belt for a little over $2. We just need to install it, and our vacuum cleaner will be able to resume it's exercise program once more. It might not be too happy about this, but we are.