Sunday, October 11, 2015

Newborn Carter

Carter is an easy baby. (Knock on wood)

He already knew his days and nights the moment we brought him home. Actually, he just thought all day was sleep time. He would wake up every hour or two to eat, but would go right back to sleep. He, unfortunately, had jaundice, like Jackson did, so we had to put him on lights and go back to the pediatrician everyday for a week to check his levels. Poor little heels.

Jackson had a bit of a hard time transitioning from only child to oldest sibling. He would always say he had to go potty when I fed Carter. Every. Time. He has since gotten over that. Jackson has become a daddy's boy since baby has been born. He is also a sweet older brother. For the first month of Carter's life, he would call him "Baby Brother Carter". He was very proud of his little brother and would ask how he "got big".

My mom stuck around for two weeks after the baby was born and helped a ton! She cleaned, did dishes, grocery shopped, and cooked. We sure missed her after she left.

Ryan only got to take one day off from work to help out. Since he was a new employee, he didn't get paternity leave. Sad. Luckily, we had the baby on a 3 day weekend, so that helped.

Carter actually fit in his newborn clothes for a couple weeks. Oh! When we brought Carter home, he had the biggest blow out--all down his legs and up his back. It was so bad, I said forget it to the wipes and stuck him in the sink and washed him down. What a welcome home present!

It always takes a couple months to adjust to a new baby. Carter was such a sweet newborn, and we are so happy he's in our family!

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